Tooth Extractions – Tracy, CA

How We Remove Problem Teeth

Why Choose Innovo Dental & Implant Studio for Tooth Extractions?

  • Designed to be safe, gentle & pain-free
  • Only used as a last resort
  • High-quality dental implant replacement available

Thanks to restorative dentistry, Dr. Rattan is usually able to repair and save even the most damaged teeth, but unfortunately, sometimes tooth extraction is the only option. This is typically the case if a tooth is decayed or broken beyond the point of restoration or if more room needs to be created in the mouth for a denture to fit properly. In any case, Dr. Rattan always takes the steps to ensure his extraction patients feel comfortable throughout the entire procedure, so should you ever need one, you can trust it will be a quick and painless experience. Afterward, if needed, Dr. Rattan can help you replace the tooth right away.

How a Tooth Extraction Actually Works

Media would have you believe that a tooth extraction involves a dentist simply grabbing a tooth with both hands and pulling with all their strength, but thankfully, this is not how it works in real life! Instead, Dr. Rattan will begin by thoroughly numbing a patient, and then he’ll hold the tooth using a pair of dental forceps. He’ll slowly rock the tooth back and forth until it comes out on its own. This approach is efficient and effective; best of all, most patients don’t even feel it when the tooth is removed!