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Periodontal disease is notoriously difficult to treat as the infection is generally hidden below the gum line. Most people in Tracy, CA, don’t even know they have a problem, as the infection is mostly hidden during the initial stages. Periodontal disease can lead to gum bleeding, bad breath, and tooth loss if not addressed promptly.

PerioProtect near you is a revolutionary system we use at Innovo Dental And Implant Studio that can significantly improve the outcome of periodontal treatment.

PerioProtect Trays In Tracy

The PerioProtect system comprises a hydrogen peroxide gel called the PerioProtect Gel and proprietary dental trays. The Perio Trays are specially designed to administer the medication directly into the periodontal pocket, the space between your tooth and gums.

The trays are custom-made for your teeth and have a unique seal system that prevents leakage of the treatment solution and directs and maintains the medication in the periodontal pocket.

Benefits Of PerioProtect Trays For Gum Disease Treatment

The Perio Tray therapy offers significant advantages over other treatments to manage periodontal disease. Some of the benefits of this revolutionary treatment include the following-

  • Non-invasive treatment: Perio Tray treatment in Tracy is a non-invasive option that can be used along with other gum disease treatments like surgery for the best possible management of periodontitis.
  • Custom-fit: The trays are very comfortable to use as they are custom-made to fit each patient’s unique mouth structure.
  • Targeted treatment: The trays are designed to deliver medication to the specific areas of the gums that need treatment, significantly improving periodontal treatment’s effectiveness in Tracy, CA.
  • Easy to use: Perio Trays are simple appliances requiring minimum maintenance.

Protect Your Gums With Perio Tray® Therapy In Tracy

Unfortunately, periodontal disease is never cured. Bacterial colonies can grow in days if left untreated and even spread to form new infections. Following the schedule prescribed by our dentist near you, it is possible to keep the population of bacteria under check and your gums healthy.

Once the Perio Trays help you get the disease under control, you can continue the maintenance treatment suggested by our trusted dentist in Tracy, CA, for healthy, disease-free gums.

PerioProtect Gel: Solution For Healthy Gums

The PerioProtect Gel is a specially formulated antibacterial gel containing hydrogen peroxide that you use with your Perio Trays. The gel helps you maintain good oral health and has several benefits over other methods of at-home periodontal dental care in Tracy, including-

PerioProtect Gel contains antimicrobial agents (1.7% Hydrogen peroxide) that can kill the bacteria that cause gum disease.

The gel is safe to use and is effective in reducing the number of harmful bacteria in the mouth under the gum line. You can apply the gel directly to the gums using the Perio Tray, making it easy and convenient for patients.

The PerioProtect treatment in Tracy, CA, allows the dentist to target specific areas of the gums affected by gum disease for faster and lasting management.

PerioProtect Gel can help promote the healing of the gums by reducing inflammation and promoting tissue regeneration. Regular use of the gel can help prevent future gum disease flare-ups.

Our dentist uses the PerioProtect system with other periodontal treatments in Tracy, CA, such as scaling and root planning to increase the effectiveness.

As the gel contains hydrogen peroxide, the same stuff in the teeth whitening systems, you can expect a pleasant side effect of PerioProtect- teeth whitening! Although the whitening effect is not immediately noticeable, your smile will get brighter.

Don’t hesitate to contact Innovo Dental And Implant Studio to learn more about the PerioProtect system and how it can help you manage periodontal infections.

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