Dental Implants – Tracy and Livermore, CA

Dental Implant Specialist

Why Choose Innovo Dental & Implant Studio for Dental Implants Services?

  • Extensive experience in the field of implant dentistry
  • CT/cone beam imaging leads to more precise treatment plans
  • Restorations custom-designed for every patient

Working near dental implants as a biomedical engineer and seeing their benefits was the main reason why Dr. Rattan and Dr. Thangaraj decided to become dentists in the first place. He was just amazed at how well they’re able to replace an entire tooth, replicating it both functionally and aesthetically, so a patient feels like they have their actual tooth back. Being a dental implant specialist, he has completed hundreds of hours of advanced training and treated over 5,000 implant patients, meaning if you’re ready to finally rebuild your smile, he’s more than ready to help you do it!

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Root to Crown: Dental implants in Tracy, CA, are the only reconstructive treatment in all of dentistry that restores both the root and crown of a tooth. The replacement teeth are secured using a small titanium post placed within the jawbone, ensuring patients never have to worry about breakage or slippage no matter what they are eating.
  • Unmatched Aesthetics: Dental implants are topped with 100% custom-made porcelain restorations, meaning the only people who will know which teeth aren’t real are you and our dental specialists – Dr. Rattan and Dr. Thangaraj.
  • Jawbone Preservation: The jawbone naturally starts to shrink and atrophy when teeth go missing, but dental implants help stimulate the growth of new healthy bone. This preserves the foundation for all the teeth and helps someone maintain the natural shape of their face.
  • High Success Rate: Dental implants in Tracy succeed in 95-98% of patients.
  • Easy Maintenance: You only need to brush and floss your teeth like normal to keep implants looking and functioning like new.
  • Durability: While regular bridges and dentures typically only last for about 5-7 years, implants can easily last for multiple decades and beyond.

Indications for Dental Implants

Dental implant specialists at Innovo Dental And Implant Studio in Tracy can help patients dealing with any number of missing teeth, and they can be paired with a variety of restorations to help people regain their smile:

Missing One Tooth

Traditionally, replacing a single tooth would involve filing down the teeth on either side of the gap in order to position a bridge. With an implant, however, a single implant-retained crown can be placed in between two healthy teeth without them needing to be altered at all.

Missing Multiple Teeth

A partial denture can be held firmly in place using a small number of implants, and a bridge that replaces up to 3 teeth in a row only requires two implant roots. These prosthetics not only have a more secure hold, but also a better appearance compared to traditional ones.

Missing All of Your Teeth

Our Implant specialists can bring back several missing teeth at the same time using just 4 carefully placed dental implants, and thanks to Dr. Rattan’s and Dr. Thangaraj’s expertise at full dental implants, a patient can actually get their implants and denture placed on the same day, helping them reclaim their complete smile in record time.

Start to Finish Convenience

Thanks to Dr. Rattan’s and Dr. Thangaraj’s dedication to implant dentistry, he’s able to provide the entire procedure under one roof here in Tracy, CA, unlike other dental implant dentists near you who have to refer their patients out to expensive specialists. He has completed numerous implant-focused residencies and helped countless patients using this treatment, giving him the ability to replace missing teeth in the most effective and efficient way possible, saving them time and money from beginning to end while still achieving high-quality results.

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

Dr. Rattan and Dr. Thangaraj can use dental implants or tooth implants to help patients dealing with a wide spectrum of tooth loss, and because of this, there is no fixed price for the procedure. The final cost is based on a variety of factors, such as how many implants are needed and what kind of restoration is used. Before beginning treatment, our dental implant specialists – Dr. Rattan and Dr. Thangaraj, and our team will review all pricing information with you for full transparency.

While implants are typically a larger investment compared to other replacements, their longevity usually helps patients save money in the long-run. Instead of having to redo their traditional bridge or denture every 5-7 years, implant patients can trust that their new teeth will last for decades and require little to no maintenance, which can easily lead to thousands in savings, as well as fewer hours spent in the dental chair.

Dental Implant FAQs

Are you wondering if insurance will cover your dental implants in Tracy? Are you concerned about possible implant failure? Innovo Dental & Implant Studio wants to make the process as simple and hassle-free as possible for you, which is why we have compiled a list of dental implant frequently asked questions for you to review. Should you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of dental specialists.

Will My Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

It depends on your individual dental insurance policy. Most companies will not pay for your dental implant placement, but you might be surprised by what can be covered. Different parts of the implant process incur separate charges, so it would be in your best interest to review your policy to see if it cover any of the following:

  • Anesthesia/sedation
  • Customized restoration (i.e. dental crown, bridge, or denture)
  • Initial consultation
  • Pre-implant dental work, if needed

How Long Will the Entire Process Take?

On average, the entire dental implant placement process can take an estimated 6 months. The initial stage is to schedule a consultation with our implant specialists – Dr. Rattan and Dr. Thangaraj, who will generate a customized treatment plan, take impressions, and ensure your custom restoration is matched to the color, size, and shape of your natural smile. The next stage is the actual placement of your dental implants near you. Once they are surgically placed, you’ll spend the next 3-6 months healing at home and allowing the implant(s) to fuse to the jawbone and surrounding tissue in a process known as osseointegration. The final stage is the placement of the restoration.

Can a Dental Implant Fail?

Unfortunately, yes, a dental implant can fail; however, you should be aware that it is extremely rare. Most dental implant procedures have a high success rate of around 95%, which is one of the main reasons this type of treatment is so popular. In cases where a patient’s immune system is weakened or their lifestyle habits counteract the healing stages, a dental implant can most certainly fail.

Some situations that can cause dental implant failure include:

Smoking or tobacco use – This bad habit makes it much more difficult for the implant to fuse to the bone properly.

Weakened immune system ­– If the immune system is weak, it can take much longer for the body to heal or fight off infection. If osseointegration cannot occur, implant placement will not be successful.

Poorly Placed Implant – It is imperative you see a qualified and trained professional to place your implants. Improper placement can quickly lead to failure.

Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

In order for our implant specialists – Dr. Rattan and Dr. Thangaraj to consider you a qualified candidate for dental implants in Livermore, CA, they will need to evaluate some of the following factors:

  • Status of oral and overall health
  • Jawbone strength
  • Lifestyle habits (i.e. smoking)
  • Whether your overall health might compromise the success of your new smile
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