How Can You Prevent Gum Disease?

How Can You Prevent Gum Disease?

Dec 12, 2019

According to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control, one out of every two American adults has gum disease, also known as periodontitis. Even if you don’t have any cavities and have the straightest and brightest pearl whites around, it’s still important to take note of your gums and whether they’re showing signs of infection. Because the disease begins by exhibiting small, hardly noticeable symptoms, it’s important to take preventive measures and visit your dentist in Tracy, CA regularly to stop it in its tracks. Read on to learn more about this common oral condition and how you can prevent it.

What is Gum Disease?

Your mouth is teeming with different types of bacteria, some aren’t harmful, while others can invade your mouth and produce countless side effects. Food particles mixed with saliva and harmful bacteria are constantly coming together to form a colorless sticky substance in your mouth called plaque. It coats your teeth and can harden into tartar if it’s not regularly cleared away with brushing and flossing. Once it hardens, the only thing that can remove it is a professional dental cleaning. These bacteria release harmful toxins that are known to cause inflammation, as well as a variety of other symptoms, infecting your gums and causing permanent damage when left to accumulate.

What are the Symptoms of Gum Disease?

There are two major stages of gum disease. The earliest is called gingivitis, and the more advanced form is called periodontitis or periodontal disease. When the condition is left untreated, the symptoms and effects become irreversible. However, your dentist may be able to treat and restore your oral health if you visit them early on, before it has had an opportunity to progress. Here are some symptoms of the condition, listed in order of severity:

  • Bleeding while brushing and flossing.
  • Inflamed, swollen, and irritated gums.
  • Chronic bad breath.
  • Sensitive teeth.
  • Painful chewing.
  • Receding gums.
  • Loose or shifting permanent teeth.
  • Tooth loss.

As soon as you notice any of these signs, immediately visit your dentist in Tracy so they can be addressed before they get worse.

4 Tips to Prevent Gum Disease

Although gum disease is so common, it is often easily preventable with the right oral care and maintenance. The best way to avoid harmful oral bacteria accumulation is to

  • Brush your teeth twice each day using fluoride toothpaste for at least two minutes and floss every day.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that tobacco use weakens your immune system, making it harder to fight off oral infections.
  • Visit your dentist every six months for professional checkups and cleanings to diagnose and treat the issue before it causes permanent damage.
  • Rinse your mouth every day with antibacterial mouthwash to remove food particles, debris, and harmful bacteria from your mouth.

If you have any questions or would like recommendations and tips on how you can optimize your oral health and protect your mouth from gum disease, ask your dentist at your next routine checkup and cleaning.

About the Author

Dr. TJ Rattan has been a dentist for nearly a decade and is passionate about providing his patients with high-quality and thorough dental treatment. He understands the connection between his patients’ oral and overall health, which is why he offers effective gum disease treatment to stop the disease from progressing. For questions or to schedule a consultation if you notice any signs of gum disease, visit Innovo Dental and Implant Studio’s website or call 209-207-9076.

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