How to Find a Good Emergency Dentist When You Need One

How to Find a Good Emergency Dentist When You Need One

Dec 01, 2022

Who Is an Emergency Dentist?

It is a dentist in Tracy, CA, that specializes in treating urgent and often severe oral problems. Emergency dentists are always on standby to offer speedy dental care to patients since their oral issues are pressing. Therefore, waiting longer would translate to further oral complications, some of that can permanently impact their oral health.

What Can Emergency Dentists Do?

Urgent care dentists offer various dental services in Tracy emergency dentistry. Any dental problem that creates a sense of urgency for treatment falls under the jurisdiction of an emergency dentist. Some of the things these dentists can do are:

  1. Knocked out or partially dislodged teeth – usually after a traumatic injury, the impact can forcefully push a tooth inward, forward, or upward. In extreme cases, it causes premature tooth loss.
  2. Broken or damaged oral appliances – the most common ones are braces and dentures.
  3. Dislodged dental filling – risks a tooth infection since the inner layers of teeth are unsealed.
  4. Severe dental pain – the most prevalent dental pain in emergency dentistry is a toothache. However, you can seek urgent care for jaw or gum pain too.
  5. Open wounds – an open wound causes severe dental pain, inflammation, and prolonged bleeding, all of which are signs you need emergency dental care. Besides, leaving an open wound untreated poses a significant infection in your mouth and overall body.

The Importance of a Good Emergency Dentist

Visiting a dentist for urgent care is crucial to your healing and recovery. However, finding the right emergency dentist is fundamental to your experience during and after your urgent care treatments.

The importance of a good emergency dentist is proven when you have an alarming oral issue yet still suffer from dental anxiety. You will need a dentist to handle your complex oral problem quickly without downplaying your dental anxiety. Besides, the aftercare services after your treatment can leave a lasting impression that will shape your future in dentistry.

How to Find a Good Emergency Dentist

There is no specific formula on how to find an emergency dentist. The key is to identify an urgent care dentist that fits your needs and preferences. Some of the tips to help you find a good emergency dentist near you are:

  1. Look for experience, skill, and training. Make sure you check your dentist’s credentials before beginning treatment.
  2. Read online reviews and consider referrals. Do not downplay what previous patients have to say about your dentist.
  3. Consider the wait times and possible queues. If a dentist has a long wait time, it may be inconvenient when you have a pressing oral concern.
  4. Prioritize comfort. Find a dentist you will be comfortable around, even if you have to be alone in the room with them.
  5. Consider pricing. As a rule of thumb, you should not be with a dentist you cannot afford.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing an Emergency Dentist

At Innovo Dental and Implant Studio, we encourage our patients to learn more about emergency dentistry so they can understand the logistics of choosing the right emergency dentist. Some of the things to keep in mind during your vetting process are:

  1. Have an emergency dentist’s contact within your reach. During an oral emergency, you may not always have the time to vet your dentist properly before treatment, given the urgency of your problem.
  2. An emergency dentist is not your regular general dentist. Therefore, you may not need to visit them regularly after your initial treatment.
  3. Emergency dentists may refer you to other dental experts after your treatment. Their area of specialization is handling urgent matters. However, if your case necessitates further treatment, your emergency dentist will point you to a different specialty in dentistry.
  4. Proximity is paramount for urgent care services. Seeking an emergency dentist should not just be about convenience or your preference. Their nearness to your place of work or home will influence their effectiveness in managing your oral problem sooner than later.
  5. Experience and skill often go hand-in-hand. The more experience your dentist has in handling urgent dental issues, the more skilled they are likely to be.
  6. Emergency dentists are all-rounded. They can address various aspects of your oral cavity without limitations to teeth emergencies. An emergency dentist can treat your gums, jaw, throat, and teeth to handle underlying urgent problems.
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