Tooth Extraction 101: Maintain Your Easy Smile Without Pain

Extracting a tooth can be a daunting task and not favored by most. A clean oral cavity can prolong your bright smile. Although tooth extractions in Tracy, CA, are common nowadays, the task can be painful and needs to be administered by experienced dentists or oral surgeons.

Tooth extraction is a standard dental procedure and can be used for various reasons. You might be suffering from a painful wisdom tooth or overcrowding. The dentist near you would suggest the extraction of the tooth.

Why is Extraction of Teeth Necessary?

The permanent teeth are meant to last a lifetime, but specific reasons might lead to tooth extraction. The most common one can be an impacted or badly damaged tooth that needs to be removed to heal the oral cavity. The other reasons are:

Crowded Mouth

If you visit an orthodontic, teeth extraction can be on the cards. A crowded mouth can be set right by extracting a tooth or two to facilitate the remaining teeth to be aligned. Overcrowded teeth can cause altered face shapes.

An orthodontist checks if enough room is available to house all the teeth. If not, the tooth extraction process is administered to align and straighten the teeth and give your oral cavity a good shape.

Periodontal Infection

Root canal therapy can be an alternative to tooth extraction to some extent. The center of the tooth contains delicate nerves and blood vessels. Bacterial infection can affect the pulp and lead to periodontal infections.

If not treated, the infection can affect gums adversely. Removing the impacted or affected tooth through the tooth extraction process can curb the spread of further infection. Reddening and inflammation of the gums can loosen the roots of the teeth. Once the roots become weak, they are unable to provide adequate support, and gaps can be formed between teeth. Extracting such teeth can reduce the further spread of infection.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Tooth extraction near you can be necessary if you are suffering from an impacted wisdom tooth. The wisdom teeth generally erupt later than the rest of the teeth. Often, the wisdom tooth might not erupt entirely and get stuck in the gum. Such impacted wisdom tooth provides the thriving ground of bacteria.

A complete surgical procedure is necessary to either remove the wisdom tooth altogether or provide an opening in the gum by the surgical process to ultimately let the wisdom tooth grow.

Trauma or Accident

Sports activities, accidents, or trauma might lead to injury to the teeth or jawbones. Minor injuries as a chipped or broken tooth can be handled. A dislodged tooth with parts left embedded in the gums needs a tooth extraction process. Internal injuries can be revealed with X-rays, and tooth extraction can be only a process to restore normalcy of the oral cavity.

The procedure of Tooth Extraction

Preparation before the tooth extraction procedure is an elaborate task. 953676 dentists perform a thorough review of the medical history of the patient. Detailed X-rays are performed to get a clear idea of the position of underlying jawbones. Local anesthesia is used to numb the area around the tooth to be extracted. More elaborate extraction of the teeth is done under the influence of intravenous (IV) anesthesia.

A simple tooth extraction process is used to remove the tooth that is visible to the naked eye. Dentists use local anesthesia to extract a broken or chipped tooth. The dentist uses an elevator to loosen the teeth before removing them with dental forceps.

A surgical extraction is performed when the broken part of the tooth is embedded in the gums and not visible to the naked eye. A surgical extraction involves surgically opening the gums to remove the broken or impacted tooth under the influence of general or intravenous (IV) anesthesia.

What to Expect After Tooth Extraction?

Infections can set in after tooth extraction. Dentists in Tracy, CA, suggest keeping the area clean to prevent infections. A certain level of pain and discomfort is common, but the same subsidies in three days. Consumption of hard and hot food and beverages should be avoided days after tooth extraction.

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