Do Dental Implants Live Up to Their Hype?

If you take time to read up on anything dental care, you know how dental implants in Tracy have been popularized by both dental experts and patients. It is more than just the joy of having your smile restored to perfection. To try dental implants near you, consider liaising with a dental implant specialist in Tracy to learn more about their heightened popularity for oral restorations today.

What Are Dental Implants?

​They are small metal posts made of titanium, which are used as appliances for replacing lost teeth. In restorative dentistry, dental implants near you are the only types of oral appliances for tooth replacement that are permanent. Ideally, when you decide to get dental implants, your dentist in Tracy, CA, must inform you about the procedure as it involves surgery.

The Process of Getting Dental Implants

The first step of your process is a thorough dental exam. While you may want to get implants for your teeth, it is not automatic that you will. Not everyone qualifies to get dental implants when they want to. Unless your jawbone and gums are healthy, a dentist near you will advise against getting tooth implants. If you must, then you may have to undergo other dental treatments before you can get implants. In the case of damaged gums, gum grafting surgery is necessary, while bone grafting surgery works to restore damaged bone tissue in your jawbone.

After your dental exam, when you are ready for your procedure, local anesthesia and sedative dentistry must be employed because of the invasiveness of the procedure. These two will ensure you have a pain-free and comfortable procedure. Once the sedative kicks in, the process begins.

A dentist near you will cut open part of the gum tissue at the site of the lost tooth. The small incision will expose the jawbone underneath for drilling. Drilling is done to create a small hole on the jawbone that matches the size of the metal post to be inserted. Once ready, your dentist will then place the dental implant and an abutment over it, then secure it properly by closing up the gum tissue.

As soon as the implant is in place, the first part of your procedure is complete. You will need about three months to heal the implant wound before any further dental work is done. After a while, your dentist will call you for the other part of your procedure that entails crowning your implant for the final touch.

Why Are Dental Implants Such A Big Deal?

People that take time to hype dental implants are those that have experienced the benefits that come with getting them. Tooth implants are not like other types of dental appliances for replacing teeth. Some ways in which they are unique include:

  • Titanium material – this type of metal assures you that the result of your tooth will be strong. As such, dental implants make for suitable tooth replacement appliances for back teeth because they are sturdy. Aside from that, the material is also bio-compatibility. It means that it integrates well with the bone tissue of your mouth, without risks of allergic reaction.
  • Permanent teeth – if you want a solution that closely mimics your natural teeth, you should get implants. They are surgically inserted in your mouth, which means they cannot be removed unless through another surgery. As such, you can be sure that dental implants are very durable and stable.
  • Natural-looking – by the time your dentist is done with replacing your teeth with dental implants, you will not easily tell apart them from your natural teeth. The implants will mimic your tooth right from the root to the crown. Besides, the color of the tooth crown placed over the implant will be tooth-colored, matching the color of your natural teeth.
  • Aesthetic improvements – other than closing the gap in your mouth to improve your smile, implants play another role in the aesthetics of your face. By replacing even the roots of teeth, they restore the health and framework of the jawbone, allowing it to offer ample support to the facial muscles for a fuller and more youthful look.