Common Treatments Offered in Emergency Dentistry

Like with any other health emergency, dental emergencies can be very alarming. They happen so randomly, causing anxiety and distress. Even then, overlooking a dental emergency can only make things worse for your oral health. Besides, by the time your dental issue is an emergency, it is likely to be severe and causing you a lot of pain and discomfort. This is why you need to rush to an emergency dental care near you immediately.

What Is Emergency Dentistry?

It is an arm of dentistry that attends to urgent and severe dental issues. Often. Patients that require emergency dental services have pressing oral concerns that are overwhelming and devastating. At the moment, forgoing treatment can have significant and even permanent consequences n their oral cavity. This is why emergency dentists in Tracy, CA have a special unit for dental emergencies only.

In that case, you will notice that emergency dentists are always available on call, whether or not they run their own dental practices. This is important because dental emergencies are not predictable, and therefore, can happen at any time on any day of the week.

Common Dental Treatments in Emergency Dentistry

There are many varying issues dealt with in emergency dentistry near you at any given point. For one, any typical dental issue can progress and advance into an oral emergency in a matter of minutes. However, the following are among the most common urgent issues treated in emergency dentistry:

  • Restoring knocked out teeth – Whether partially dislodged or fully knocked out, many patients need emergency care for restoring their teeth. This is particularly common among children and teenagers. This particular dental emergency presents many urgent dental issues, including excruciating pain, significant bleeding, and swelling. Fortunately, if you get to your emergency dentist in good time, there is a chance to restore your natural tooth instead of considering an artificial replacement alternative.
  • Treating advanced infections – Dental infections may be typical dental issues to examine and diagnose in general dentistry, but when they advance, you need an emergency dentist near you. Infections can be from your gums or your teeth. For teeth, these infections include severely decayed teeth, abscessed teeth, to mention a few. As for the gums, advanced gum infection is called periodontitis, which presents many severe symptoms like shaky teeth, receded gums, and deteriorated jawbone. Either way, any infections in your oral cavity that continue to spread and advance are best treated in emergency dentistry.
  • Treating dental pain – Pain is one of the greatest indicators that you need to visit a dental ER near you. Usually, dental pain can happen in different areas of your oral cavity. The most common type of dental pain is a severe toothache that comes about due to a lingering tooth infection. However, you can also suffer dental pain due to trauma in your face or problems with your jawbone. Since dental pain can be so severe that it limits you from going about your daily life, emergency dental care is the best way to address the oral issue.
  • Repairing or restoring oral devices – Dentistry focuses on solving dental issues by employing the use of various oral devices. Such include tooth fillings, dentures, and even braces. When these appliances are used in your mouth, they serve a particular purpose, without which your oral health would be compromised. This is why you need to report to an emergency dentist any damage or loss of an oral appliance in your mouth.
  • Treating open wounds – Wounds in emergency dentistry go beyond small mouth sores in your mouth. Such wounds come about after an injury or accident that hurts the facial area of your mouth. Open wounds can be on your cheeks, gums, tongue, to mention a few. Such wounds must be treated urgently to disallow any bacterial infection that might make the wounds worse than they are.
  • Managing dental accidents – They range from tooth chips and cracks to issues like accidental biting of the tongue or having foreign objects stuck in between teeth. Dental accidents are very common among children, featuring among the top types of dental emergencies for kids.